Step 1: Take a piece of ribbon enclosed in your package. Depending on what wedding invitation you chose you may have to do either of the following: Slide the ribbon under the invitation card, loop it through the slits of the invitation belly band or loop it through the slits of the invitation. Adjust the ribbon so that the left side is at about inches longer. This will ensure that your final product can be symmetrically adjusted.

Step 2   step 3  

Step 2: Cross the left ribbon over the right ribbon


Step 3: Tuck the left ribbon under the right ribbon, pull it through and twist both ends to a 90 degree angle till taut.


Step 4: Place your thumb on your left hand to hold the tension and pull the bottom ribbon up to create a loop.

step 5   Step 6   Step7

Step 5: Pull the loop over to the right as you use your left hand to take the top ribbon around the loop.


Step 6: Continue to pull the top ribbon over the looped ribbon


Step 7: Then tuck under with your thumb and pull through


Step 8: Pull the two loop ends to create an even bow to your desired length.


Step 5: Perfect!